It is much more than an online store, a facebook page, a company or a blog decoration. It is a source of inspiration, for all those who believe the “less is more”. That we can have a beautiful house, simple, practical and, at the same time, functional. Simplicity is the starting point, the details the arrival point and the white backdrop. In other words, we want our followers to feel good in the house.

Appeared in 2010 in the form of a blog. A very simple one, used as Carolina’s diary (me, I’m writing this). I was growing up, my ideas and my goals changing, and with that the blog too. It went from being a simple “diary” to a source of inspiration in the area of ​​decoration.

In 2016, for reasons beyond my control, I devoted myself entirely to My Rebinding and the inspirational blog grew and opened its own online store. Today, we want to go further and with the Shopping List service, we want to help our followers buy what they really need at home.


I was born on June 8, 1986, in Tavira, a small Algarve town, full of sun a very special charm. I always dreamed a lot, but I never knew what I really wanted to be. I never wanted to be measured, or a teacher … I always wanted to be me. I’m always looking for myself and discovering what I really am, which has its positive side. I know it’s the decor that makes me really happy. But a decoration that simplifies people’s lives, not one that puts obstacles. I have a degree in Multimedia and have a degree in Interior Design.

I lived in Lisbon almost six years. I love it. It was her that made me grow up and learn to see what I really like. Now, I’m in Barcelona, because the opportunity arose and because I needed a new challenge, which was to start from scratch to leverage My (our) Rebuliço.




Beautiful, simple, practical and functional. This is how we want to inspire all our followers, so that they can live their homes without much concern.

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Every Tuesday and Thursday, you can enjoy publications with lots to tell. Homes that will make you fall in love, the latest decor trends and even tips to make your home unique but charming and functional.

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Fill your home with charming decorative details, which always follow the motto of “less is more”. Because here we want beautiful, simple, practical and functional houses. In the online store we are careful to choose quality products at the best prices.

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Let’s make you your decorative shopping list, so when you get to your favorite store do not get lost and buy what you do not need. Meu Rebuliço decorates your home based on your budget and taste.

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